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Lefty is Leaking

I came home from the hospital Friday- to the house of the mother of my bestie from med school, so I can stay close to Huntsman if I need care. I felt more comfortable than I have in a week, slept beautifully, and on Saturday, after a short and lovely walk outside, lefty sprung aContinue reading “Lefty is Leaking”

Bumpy road…

I made it out of the ICU and on to the regular hospital floor. Generally this is a good sign in terms of progress, however it has been a bumpy road. I have been dealing with postoperative nausea and vomiting, pain control challenges, and last night I spiked a fever. Currently I am doing better,Continue reading “Bumpy road…”


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Hi, Paula. I’m a doctor, a mom, a wife, and daughter. I’m 33 and I have breast cancer. This blog is a creative outlet, a journal, and a way to stay sane and document the daily tragedies and triumphs.

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